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Complete Control Center and Billing

Life is a complex and beautiful mix of countless choices. Despite even heroic attempts to group every resident into a standard process, there are always outliers. That is always the challenge -how to handle the outliers when analyzing standard operating procedures.

CHOICE: Your Solution and Our Foundation

Organize Chaos with MDUware™ Control Center

All residents are unique, and managers face an overwhelming challenge creating an excellent experience for all residents in their properties. How do you manage all the options and make sure the right service goes to the right resident? How can you follow the billing for each of those options?

MDUware’s Control Center consolidates all communication, tracking and billing to a single place so managers can evaluate and target services to sustain and increase revenue.

Track – Evaluate – Eliminate Time Wasters

In a single web-based application, streamline communications with current and prospective residents. Track all communication and actions by individual resident, property, region, subsidiary, company, or portfolio.

Schedule leasing appointments and electronically sign up new residents

Manage all billable services from one web-based application

Consolidate services and billing and provide a single invoice

Residents can choose from multiple payment options to ensure prompt payments

Automate billing, reminders, and fees

Enjoy complete services control with a simple on/off switch at the resident level

Manage digital and physical assets

Use delinquency controls to limit access to facilities and services, assess late fees

Integrate with our Call Center Service to Focus your Resources

Keep your property managers informed of critical events that impact individuals and groups of residents. Track key information from every interaction between Call Center support professionals and residents – everything from safety issues and service failures to potential spikes in delinquencies. Now, managers can focus on how to sustain and grow the business rather than get stuck in the chaos.

Bring order to the chaos with the right team by your side. With the MDUware™ Control Center.

For further assistance or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer support team. We're always here to help you make the most of your MDUware experience.